The Gilette Muette Deer And Roe Blood Lipstick Presentation.

From an anonymous source !! – – Within a few months, the Gilette Muette Management [GMM] will be launching a completely new type of lipstick consisting a serious share of pure deer and roe blood! – It is said of close to 30% containing!! — The lipstick will be offered as a new part of the Gilette Muette Product Line.
Apparently, intensive work has been done on its development for 2 to 3 years and it went into production just 2 months ago in the strictest secrecy.
The anonymous sender of this information claims that it was not possible for him to take a photo of the product because all access to the production and storage areas are subject to extreme access controls.
He was not even able to find out the PR company that is dealing with the creation of the marketing tools for this truly unique product and of course much less the name of the new lipstick and how and with which instruments, slogans and photos, they intend to sell this product to the public. –
– That’s absolutely all the information we’ve gotten so far on what’s going on behind the scenes. — Maybe we can expect at this exceptional occasion new photos of her posing with the lipstick!! –. Let’s hope strong for this!!
Once again we call on all of Gilette’s readers and fans who are closely related to her and her management to help us with more information and photos to do her worldwide followers a big favor! — Our illustration only has to do with the upcoming Gilette Lipstick in a broader sense. We decided to use any photo of a deer in close view in its place.

In honor of Julian Assange. Persecuted and tortured since 12 years by the fukhkin USA and Great Poop Britain for telling the truth about their crimes against humankind.

“The invisible wound”. [2/3].

Assange Wunde-0101
Aperture: 2.8
Iso: 800
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Truth is Treason In An Empire of Lies

From the FB Group


Speak up! Fight for freedom of speech.
Not only for #JulianAssange, but for all of us.
„War criminals are trying to kill the body and the soul of Julian Assange.
It is our job to create a movement that will make their lives difficult to such an extent that they will say “Let him live.”
Let’s save his life before we do anything else.“
– Yanis Varoufakis